InMotion Charge Towards The Zandvoort Record

InMotion Charge Towards The Zandvoort Record

It’s been a few months since we featured InMotion here, but we have kept an eye on their progress and are pleased to be invited to their first record attempt this weekend.

On June 4th the team are finally planning to achieve their first goal of many on their Road to Le Mans; to break the electric lap time record at Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands.

Photo Credit: InMotion

The time has come! After 2 years of building, 4 months of intensive testing, ups-and-downs, failures, and successes we are ready to break the electric lap record at Circuit Zandvoort.

Zandvoort is a great old-school circuit set in the sand dunes of the West of the country with 4.3km of fast cornering. The most famous hairpin, Tarzanbocht, is so much fun for overtaking with it’s high camber forcing your car towards the curb.

Photo Credit: InMotion

The current time to beat was set by a hydrogen electric car from Forze Delft, another team we know very well (watch out for a feature on them very soon.) Their standing record is 2:04,519.

The combustion engine record was set by F1 driver Max Verstappen in his 2017 Red Bull Racing RB8 on the 21st May this year. He set a lap time of 1:19,511 during the Jumbo Racedagen, which saw 100,000 motorsport (and Max) fans attend the track. The IM/e from InMotion was also on display and on track at this event.

Photo Credit: InMotion

Luckily we got a sneak preview of just how fast the IM/e is at our Punch Evodays Electric Playground event on 24th May and to be honest, we were pretty impressed already. Dutch driver Beitske Visser took it out for some test runs on the Punch Powertrain testing ground here in Belgium and it was looking very speedy.

You can read our original feature on the team and their goals, including Zandvoort, Nurburgring and Le Mans Garage 56 here.

Photo Credit: InMotion

If you would like to learn more about InMotion you can visit their website or follow them on Social Media:





We wish InMotion the best of luck (and good weather) for the upcoming record attempt and look forward to documenting the day here and on social media, as well as celebrating on the beach of course.

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