Feature: InMotion

Feature: InMotion


Meet InMotion, the team who aim to take their electric car to Garage 56 at the prestigious 24 Le Mans, with some other incredible goals along the way…


Motorsport has always been a place where innovation thrives. Racing demands ingenuity to be ahead of the competition. In the past this has led to extravagant engineering solutions that later were banned.


We are a team of students that work on a car for the 24 hours of Le Mans called the IM01. Our goal with this car is to push innovative technologies through motorsport. Attending the Garage 56, we hope to bring the outrageous back on track whilst maintaining the principles of safety.


In order to achieve this we have set an intermediate goal. With the formula racer (the IM/e) we want to test new technologies and get skilled in the process of building a race car. Just as the IM01, the IM/e will not be restricted to regulations.


This unclassified car is built up to the highest specifications. With this goal we target the electric lap records at both racing circuit Zandvoort and the Nürburgring Nordschleife.


InMotion is founded by students from Eindhoven University of Technology. Furthermore, we have a close relationship with Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Here is a handy infographic to demonstrate what the team are aiming for:



Now let’s see some stats on the car…


Dimensions: 3,925mm (L) x 1,750mm (W), 2,450 wheelbase. 1,500mm track width


Monocoque: NewPort High Modules MR60H Carbon top shell material, Aluminium honeycomb core


Monocoque weight: 60kg (inc. Bulkheads and paint)


Total weight: 658kg


Torsional rigidity: 250Nm/rad


Powertrain: 2x Yasa 750-Series advanced axial flux-electric motors, 200kg battery pack, custom InMotion ECU, based on an ICT Automatisering Motar platform.


Suspension: Pushrod actuated Moton three-way adjustable dampers, carbon-fibre and 3D-printed titanium wishbones


Brakes: AP Racing Pro 5000R callipers, two/piece floating discs


Wheels-tyres: Speedline Corse Type 2022 magnesium wheels, Dunlop Radical 190/535R13 (f) 230/570R13 (r) tires


Performance: 1580Nm peak torque, 800Nm continuous torque. 400kW peak power @ 700V. 220kW continuous power. 0-60mph: sub 3 seconds.


Following on from the success of the IM/e, the team will be building the IM01 ready to take it to Le Mans in 2020.

And here is the render of the IM01:


InMotion will be joining us on the live track at Evodays in the summer and I am looking forward to following their progress closely.

If you would like to learn more about InMotion you can visit their website or follow them on Social Media:






Author: Beth Lily Georgiou

Follow:  @BethLilyRace


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