Feature: DART Racing TU Darmstadt


We are pleased to introduce you to this beautiful electric car from Germany, built by a team of students from TU Darmstadt. Here’s a cheeky picture of the nose as a teaser!

©Julian Fath
Photo Credit: Julian Fath

DART Racing is a team of around 40 students that build an electric race car each year to compete in various European Formula Student/FSAE competitions. The students come together from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and business engineering.

©Philipp Birkholz
Photo Credit: Philipp Birkholz

The 2016 car Lambda2016 was the 11th car the team had built and it had a great run in 2016, with a top 10 finish overall in Formula Student Germany and Spain and a beautiful run in the acceleration final of Formula Student UK. (I was stood right next to them at the time- it was a great showdown!)

©DART Racing
Photo Credit: DART Racing

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about the evolution of the TU Darmstadt cars since 2006, you can find information on all 10 of the cars (so far) here.

Photo Credit: Formula Student Germany

But now for the important part. Let’s look into the technical specs of the car:


200 kg

Top speed 130 km/h

Rear wheel drive



Single piece CFRP sandwich

Aluminum honeycomb core


In-House developed CFPR Impact Attenuator



Wheelbase 1525 mm

Single piece CFRP A-arms

Pullrod system

CFRP-Aluminium hybrid rims

Custom Pirelli 185/40 R15 tires



2 self-built electric permanent magnet motors

55 kW peak power per motor

Hollow single piece titanium SLM motor shafts

18:1 spur gear transmission with independent gear sets



100s3p configuration

5 modules

7 kWh

370 V nominal

In-House developed Accumulator Management System


Photo Credit: Formula Student Germany

So far we don’t know much about the 2017 car from TU Darmstadt yet, but we are expecting something exciting from the team, who never fail to deliver great cars each year. As a complete speculation, I would expect to see the team take even more weight off in 2017 and hit a sub 200kg target for this year.

I am sure that the team are going to have something very impressive to show us in the summer and I am looking forward to seeing how the 2017 season plays out for them.

Photo Credit: Formula Student Germany

You can find out more about Dart Racing TU Darmstadt on their website or by following them on social media:





Author: Beth Lily Georgiou

Follow:  @BethLilyRace


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