The Truth About Silent Driving

The Truth About Silent Driving

We love the feel of electric driving. For those who have switched over to the “E” side only recently, you will be realising the great joy of electric acceleration. But what about the noise- or lack of it?

It’s certainly been a point of contention in the news, with diehard petrol-heads lamenting the silence of electric motorsports. We’ve heard talks of Porsche building noise into their electric vehicles and regulations concerning building in sound-generators for safety reasons.

But what is the silence really like as a road user in an electric car right now? Read our list below:



Everyone likes listening to music in the car. If you drive electric, this experience suddenly becomes a lot better. Without the engine-noise as a distraction, you can relax, turn the bass down low, and enjoy your favourite tunes.

Stuck for an electric driving themed playlist? We’ve got one here via Spotify you can use:


Pets & Wild Animals

When we first started driving the Evodays BMW i3, it got a lot of attention from friends and family, wanting to have a look or a passenger ride.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-02 at 16.22.26

On one occasion, the family member in question owned several cats and they happened to be outside on our arrival to show off the car. The cats wouldn’t move out the way of the car. In fact, we had to personally chase them out of the path of our oncoming vehicle.

Since then, we have noticed a trend in pets and wild animals being less-than-cautious around the i3. Animals have become accustomed to the engine sound over the years and as a driver behind an electric wheel, we need to be extra vigilant.


Other Humans

Hands up all the electric car owners who have spent an agonising 30 seconds in a car park, crawling behind a pedestrian at <5km/ph because they haven’t heard you behind them.

Yeah. We thought so.

And you feel too polite to sound your horn and make them jump out of their skin. So you just crawl behind until they do the classic sideways look of surprise that you are there.

Ok, so I’m joking about this a little, but it is a real, valid issue that us electric drivers (and any pedestrian around us) have to deal with. We have a responsibility when behind the wheel of our silent vehicles to make sure we are extra-vigilant about pedestrians in our vicinity. This is particularly important when reversing out of parking spaces, driving around car parks and housing estates, driving near schools, and pulling out from behind an obstacle, such as another parked car, wall, or hedge.


Long Journeys

On the plus side, you can say goodbye to the heavy-headed feeling you may experience after a very long day of driving. As seasoned long-distance drivers, we can happily say that the experience is more pleasant behind the wheel of an electric car. The combination of reduced cabin sound and a few more enforced breaks on the journey (in order to charge) mean that the usual end of the day headache after driving 1000+km in a day are history.


What are your experiences of the silent drive? Comment below or send us a tweet @Evodays


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