Feature: Formulino E

Feature: Formulino E

The new junior electric single-seater, Formulino E, was revealed to the world at the EEVC in Geneva this week.  It’s really good news for the world of E-Racing to see an affordable electric single-seater emerge and is an ideal feeder series for Formula E.

Formulino E back - premiere 2017-03-15.jpg

The car was created by a consortium of Punch Powertrain, Dallara, Prospeed Engineering, ACT and HERONsports.


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 16.35.48.png

According to the team, Formulino E is based on the well-known and proven Dallara lightweight carbon fibre monocoque chassis. A compact integration of battery and drivetrain developed by Punch Powertrain combined with the existing chassis results in a cost effective overall package.

The electric motor in this vehicle is a unique integrated concept with a switched reluctance machine operating at 660V. The current version delivers up to 120kW while next versions could deliver over 200kW within the same package. Combined with the low weight of just 600kg it offers quick acceleration and a top speed exceeding 200 kph.

Formulino E turn - premiere 2017-03-15.jpg

With a target cost of €80,000, the aim is to encourage more racing schools and support races to look to electric single-seater racing, as interest in E-Racing inevitably rises.

Here are the specs:

Electric Powertrain: EP2-R with 120kW

EP2-R powertrain for Formulino E by Punch Powertrain 2.jpg
E-Drive EP2-R
EP2-R powertrain  for Formulino E by Punch Powertrain picture.JPG
EP2-R in rear subframe

Battery: 15kWh – 666V

Vehicle weight: 600kg

0 to 100 km/h: 4s

Top speed: > 200 km/h

With a battery capacity of 15kWh, the Formulino E is capable of driving continuously for fifteen minutes. According to the team this equals approximately 7-8 laps on our local track in Belgium, Circuit Zolder.

The current design has an estimated charging time of around 60 minutes with an AC fast charging system, however a battery swap takes just two minutes and driving can then continue almost immediately.

Formulino E side - premiere 2017-03-15.jpg

Formulino E opens the door for clean, affordable and silent racing, which is a huge advantage for circuits with noise limitations and combined with renewable energy usage, should breathe new life into environmentally friendly racing.

I am ridiculously excited by this car, having followed its development for some time now and hope very much to test it out soon.


Author: Beth Lily Georgiou

Follow:  @BethLilyRace

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